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The complete site for fans interested in professional wrestling from the 1880’s to 1970’s.

Professional wrestling has a long and colourful history. A rough and tumble world that over shadows the glitz and high-tech glamour of what pay-TV offers us now. The domain of skill and hard knocks, of sweat, blood, broken bones and chanting fans. From the crowded stadiums to the heyday of prime-time television, the spectacle of mat men and women fighting it out, captivated millions worldwide. For those who watched it on television, it would dominate their lounge rooms and become a regular part of their lives. For those who saw it live, in sold-out arenas, it would be something they would never forget.

Hi, my name is Libnan Ayoub and this is my website – dedicated to the men and women of old-school professional wrestling.

Over the years I have managed to create the most comprehensive worldwide wrestling archive in Australia. The material and knowledge I have collected is included in sections covering wrestling results, wrestlers records, title belts, a museum, programmes, posters and much, much more.

I hope you will enjoy the worldwrestlinghistory.com experience.


I will be updating the website as soon as I finish off the documentary. Sorry about the delay!!



World Championship Wrestling Documentary Coming Soon in 2017!

In association with Hendrix/Fish Films and wrestling historian Libnan Ayoub: 

A new documentary about World Championship Wrestling in Australia from 1964 – 1978.

It has been a mammoth effort bringing to the screen the most comprehensive documentary ever made. It covers the golden years of World Championship Wrestling. It includes the big interviews: wrestlers, referees and fans. Footage and photographs never seen, information never before revealed. This is a must see documentary for fans who saw it on television in their lounge rooms or live at the stadium.

Two hours of the best Old School Wrestling action you will ever see!

Watch out for the new trailor coming soon !!